Anna Xu/Anna Xu

Founding Partner of HIKE Capital

Anna has over 18 years of experience in business management and venture investing. In 2015, she co-founded HIKE Capital alongside Mark Yang, founder of CARS Group, and focused on investment across in innovations, new technologies, and new consumption. Anna has played a pivotal role in the success of HIKE Capital, spearheading investments in a variety of notable companies such as Li Auto (NASDAQ:LI, HKEX:2015), RELX (NYSE: RLX), Megatronix, Yuanbao Insurance, Halara, FlashEx, Fenbi (HKEX: 2469), Yuanfudao, Spark Group and Xbiome, etc. Anna made her contributions to NetEase as the general manager of the Mobile Internet Business Division and Chairman of the Product Committee, prior to founding HIKE Capital. As the founder of NetEase News app, she successfully grew its user base from zero to 400 million. In addition, she led the R&D of well-known apps such as NetEase Open Course, NetEase Application Center, etc. Anna is a graduate of Nanjing University and China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). As a lover of deep diving, hiking, science fiction, and art, Anna’s adventurous and innovative spirit, combined with her loyalty to long-term doctrine and compound interest value, has made venture capital her lifelong career.

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Mark Yang/Mark Yang

Founding Partner of HIKE Capital

CEO of CARS Group

Mark Yang’s keen observation skills, continuous learning & development,and ability to take advantage of trends have led to 18 years of successful entrepreneurship. Mark has built two famous companies: and CARS Group, accumulating a wealth of entrepreneurial experience in the process. Mark has turned into one of China’s largest and most active local life information platforms. He is known for his generosity in sharing his entrepreneurial insights and suggestions with others. Notably, countless entrepreneurs seek out his sage advice. In 2015, he co-founded HIKE Capital alongside Anna Xu, where he emphasizes the importance of imparting knowledge to others rather than merely providing material assistance. In addition to the establishment of HIKE Capital, Mark initiated a second entrepreneurial endeavor in the automobile consumer service sector, resulting in the creation of CARS Group. As of present, CARS Group stands as the largest second-hand car trading platform in China, with a pronounced impact on the country’s domestic car consumption patterns. Mark graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China and Yale University. Outside of work, he enjoys running marathons and playing guitar. Starting a business is never easy, but Mark has great tenacity and a passion for evolution. Fueled by his aspirations, he continues to flourish both personally and professionally

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King Zhu/King Zhu

Partner of HIKE Capital

King has over 20 years of experience in the investment and industry sectors. He became a partner at HIKE Capital in early 2018. During his tenure, he played a leading role in investments in several industry leaderssuch as Orienspace, FlashEx, OnQuality, Artivila, and Polyv. Previously, King servced as CIO at Xunyou Technology (300467.SZ) after working at Redpoint Ventures and IDG Capital. He successfully sourced and invested in companies such as iDreamSky (HKEX:1119, previously listed on NASDAQ), Miaopai, and Renrenche during their early stages. King has extensive experience in R&D of semiconductor software and communication software. Prior to his venture capital career, he held positions at Siemens and Flextronics where he established a complete mobile phone R&D center from scratch and became one of the youngest Directors of the software department in the telecommunications industry. King holds degrees from Beihang University, China Academy of Space Technology, China Europe International Business School, and Tsinghua University’s Wudaokou School of Finance. King has been programming since elementary school and is an avid aerospace enthusiast. He possesses a persistent spirit of exploration, constantly seeking to understand the essential laws of how things work. Additionally, King enjoys a variety of sports including football, hiking, and others.

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Wei Bingfang/Wei Bingfang

Partner & CHO of HIKE Capital

Bingfang oversees human resources, HIKE’s scouts network, and fund operations at HIKE Capital. HIKE Capital’s scouts network has undergone constant refinement under Bingfang’s leadership and successfully established a platform system for entrepreneurs, world-class scientists, and industry experts. Suchplatform system has facilitated HIKE’s exploration of cutting-edge technology-based investment opportunities, while also enhancing post-investment value creation. With over 20 years of management experience, Bingfang has led teams of thousands of people, demonstrating exceptional abilities in talent strategy, digital management consulting, and corporate culture development. Before joining HIKE, Bingfang held senior executive roles at several listed companies, including and Bingfang is a graduate of Aston University. Besides his professional achievements, Bingfang is a dedicated sports enthusiast who is fascinated by the management of champion teams from an organizational standpoint. Bingfang’s extensive network of world-champion friends serves as an invaluable resource, providing portfolio companies with sustainable observation samples in their pursuit of excellence. Moreover, this network has brought positive influences to the ESG construction of the HIKE team, as well as the physical and mental health management of entrepreneurs.

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