A new venture created by the founder of ganji.com, Mark Yang. Guazi.com was officially launched online on November 27, 2014 and has soon grown into the largest platform for used cars trading, directly linking buyers and sellers. In September 2017, guazi.com consolidated its existing business divisions and was upgraded to Chehaoduo Group. In the same month, Chehaoduo Group launched its new retail platform for new cars trading based on finance lease model, the maodou.com. As an important step in the strategy to upgrade the automobile ecosystem, maodou.com and guazi.com will together create synergy in the group to provide one-stop solutions…

CHJ Automotive

Founded in July 2015, LEADING IDEAL is committed to using technology to change mobility and benefit more people. The founder LI Xiang founded POP.COM and AUTOHOME.COM (NYSE:ATHM). AUTOHOME.COM is the world’s largest car media platform. LEADING IDEAL has two lines of business: First, the retail brand is Leading Ideal to meet the high-quality car needs of family users with high-end intelligent electric vehicles. Second, the brand dedicated to mobility, using intelligent electric vehicles built for mobility scenes to empowerment mobility operators.


one-hour express delivery service


Founded in January 2018, RELX is the fastest growing vaping brand globally last year and becomes now No.1 vape brand in Asia market. RELXTECH hires best talents from top companies and gives RELXTECH fullsolution capability. RELX develops future-forward solutions for 1B adult smokers.


Huohua is a leading online education institute in China, focusing on early math education and logical thinking training for young children from 3 to 12. As the core competency, Huohua has a strong education research team with members from top universities and institutes. We have developed our own teaching programs, including interactive courseware, teacher script, learning aids and many teacher/student/parent resources, based on Chinese education syllabus, CCSS, Singapore Math and experience of other early math education institutes. With interactive games, cartoons and teaching toys, Huohua online class is very attractive to kids. In each lesson, teacher will follow the teaching…


Explore a new paradigm of aerospace development, build China’s commercial aerospace rockets, and make space within reach


GetFun is a social media platform that provides visual contents for young users. The majority of its core crowd is college-educated young adults between the ages of 18 and 25. The visual contents provided include animated gifs, images, videos and live streaming. As GetFun attracts and gathers users through contents by occupying their time fragments, the platform helps users to establish light relationships through following and other features. 现在的想法是 现在的想法是